A Design For The Future

August 29th, 2014

Escort web design can be a casual hobby or a full-time career. I recently made it a mix of both. I’m currently taking online design courses while hosting a brand new content-based website that has already started to bring in a little bit of money for me. It’s my goal to gradually build a following to the site and then to make it a full-time career, something that few people do. Some people do it though, so why not me?

For me, the design courses have added to the site I’m currently working on. Even though the content is the most important part of the site to me, the “heart” of it, I know that without a solid, easy to follow design, there will never be a permanent home for my website on the Internet. Design has come such a long way and sites are continuously working to make things easier for visitors. With so many well-designed sites out there, I can’t afford to fall behind on any area of design.

My biggest area of concern in the design of my website is the SEO aspect. There are so many design flaws that can keep a website from ranking well, or at all, in the search engines. I am always learning more about this in my spare time, but the courses I’m taking online right now have played a big part in the fact that my site is growing quickly. With the education to carry it through, I hope design is in my future permanently.

Shocked By Mom

August 23rd, 2014

My mother has been single for over 10 years and she does not have any problem with it at all. She has always held a great job and makes a pretty decent income. Over the years she goes out with some friends from her work for dinner, bingo or out to the casino. She sometimes comes home a lot later then her usual outing, which I thought was a little strange!

We were talking one day in the living room and I asked her where she was last night and she explained how she met a man. I was shocked because she has never mentioned him to me nor even tried bringing him around. She went on to tell me that she likes dating casually because it is inexpensive for her and that she has no strings attached fuck buddy. Also she said that she does not want to have a serious relationship because she is happy living by herself.